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Make Disciples



Evangelism Global teaches Christians to be like Jesus and obey his commands through hands on aprenticeship style relationships. 

Guide to Make Disciples


Jesus made disciples through an apprenticing relationship. There is no substitute for this approach to training someone to be like Jesus. All of our programs are designed with this in mind. Teachings must be hands on with room for the disciple to practice what is being taught. 

1. Teacher Does, Student Observes

2. Teacher Does, Student Helps

3. Student Does, Teacher Helps

4. Student does, Teacher Observes


Discipleship requires vast amounts of time spent with those one disciples. For this reason, disciples and disciple makers must be willing to commit a lot of time to one anther. It may take many hours per week over several years. Disciple making is a long term investment.

Quality over Quantity

Aprenticing someone and spending the kind of time Jesus spent with his disciples teaches us that our goal should remain producing quality disciples more than many disciples. 


With Jesus as our example, making disciples looks like building deep friendships with persons who one is apprenticing. In making disciples, one of our goals is to become friends with our disciple and not just a teacher or mentor. 


Our goal is that believers are interdependent rather than codependent.  Our aim is that the disciple's would be trained in such a way that they are dependent only upon the Lord. For instance we teach them how to interpret scripture so that the disciple can search out an answer without being dependent upon another to answer every question. 


Keep it simple. Our aim is to keep things simple enough that an uneducated fisherman could be a major leader in a nation wide movement.  We endeavor to make our programs easy to learn and easy to teach another. 

Servant Leadership Training

Servant Leadership Training

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